eBook The Essential Guide to Italian Wine 2020

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The eBook verion of the DoctorWine Essential Guide to Italian Wine by Daniele Cernilli is now in its 6th edition and this year along with the Italian and English versions there will also be one in German.

The Essential Guide to Italian Wine 2020 by Daniele Cernilli, compared to its first edition, is much richer in content and ideas to better understand the “state of the art” of Italian winemaking, while maintaining its initial philosophy of being essential. What this means is that the selection carried out within a vast and rich panorama of Italian wines is decidedly a drastic one: only 1,184 estates were reviewed, among the thousands taken into consideration, while 2,949 wines were evaluated and described, according to their technical and organoleptic characteristics, out of over 20,000 tasted.

For each wine, aside from their point-rating on a scale of 1-100 and a description of the wine, there is an indicative retail price. This allows for a further evaluation based on the quality/price ratio and there were 662 wines highlighted (with the thumbs up “like” symbol) as ones to drink every day. This because they sell retail for less than 15 euros (if they have a 90/100 or higher rating) or less than 10 euros (for rating 85/100 up). From these best buys, we have drawn up a mini-classification composed of the best-best buy and the ten following ones.

But the novelty this year regards the prizes given to wines, the by now established “faccino” seal. In order to better underscore the quality hierarchy, we have awarded one, two and three seals. Wines with a rating of 98/100 are given a second seal and those with ratings of 99 and 100 points receive a third seal. The wines are very few, with seven obtaining three seals and 26 two seals and these wines represent the true peak of the Italian wine quality pyramid.

As for the special prizes, this year we continue to increase them adding a selection of single-varietal wines, which are at least 85% made with a single grape variety, as established by European Union law, except in those cases where production regulations do not allow for a higher percentage. This year 35 wines were selected and among them you will find some of the mainstays of Italian winemaking. This is a truly formidable selection.

The classic Special Prizes remain: Best Red WineWhite WineSparkling WineRosé Wine and Sweet Wine of the Year and then Best DebutBest Quality/Price Ratio and Best Quality/Quantity. Then there are the prizes for estates and people: Estate of the YearUp-and-Coming ProducerWine CooperativeEnologist of the YearSustainable WinemakingQuality Project (new this year) and A Life for Wine.

Price 6,99€

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